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Cooking With Herbs - Getting Started

(Excerpted from Herbs Every Day, by Mona Lundstrom, )

Cooking with herbs is not a mystifying art. If you cook, you already are using herbs in many of your recipes. The same principles that apply to using parsley, onion, and poultry seasoning apply to many other herbs as well. To go beyond the basic, all that is needed is the herb, and an adventurous spirit.
Most herbs, not only delight the taste buds, but also aid the digestive process. They also aid the cook, which is what this section is about. Cooking with herbs allows you to create endless variations of the same foods. A sprinkle of this or that can turn the simplest of foods into gourmet cuisine. At the end of this section is a description of easily obtainable herbs and food with which they go, some herbal blends, and a few basic recipes and tips that can be easily incorporated into your current cooking repertoire.
Here are some guidelines for expanding your herbal horizons:

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