(These Anna Hummingbirds in their nest resided on the patio of my fortunate friend in Central California, Kathe Bertrand. Thank you for emailing and sharing.)

We have been honored to have a hummingbird nest at eye level in the bush just outside our gate. We have been watching everyday. Today they can no longer fit inside the nest. Mama is still feeding them and they really don't look big enough to be on their own. This picture was taken today. The nest is about the size of a large chicken egg.
Love, Kathleen


Kathe's Anna Hummingbirds . . .
This was the last one. The other was up in the tree with Mama. She would come down and sit on the nest to encourage this one. I returned about 15 minutes later and the nest was empty. I am going to miss them....K

birds. . .

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