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What is companion planting?
Some plants do better when in the company of other plants. Companion planting is using this knowledge to increase plant performance both as insect control and to take advantage of the symbiotic relationships between plants.

How can I companion plant?
Companion planting requires some experimentation. What may be successful in one garden may not be successful in another garden. This may be caused by different microclimates, soil types, plant varieties and cropping practices.

Companion planting for insect contol:
This is planting flowers, herbs or vegetables to repel or trap harmful insects. It also includes using plants to attract useful insects which prey upon harmful insects. People use companion planting as a way of reducing chemical insecticide use. Following is a list of these plants. For more information and photos, see the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Slideshow.

Plants that repel harmful insects:

Plants that attract useful insects:

Plants that trap harmful insects:

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Companion Planting - For beneficial and harmful insect control

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