Natural Garden Spray Recipes

Generic Bug Spray
This recipe was suggested by another Master Gardner when we were doing pest control at our local community garden plots. I have used it on all plants except tomatoes, where it could cause tobacco mosaic disease, with good success.
Two fingers snuff
1/2 +- cup mouthwash (like Listerine)
a small squeeze dish soap to make the stuff stick.
1/2 gal water
Let stand till mulled. Then strain (coffee filters work good) and dilute 4-5 parts water to one on part strained mixture. Put in spray bottle to apply.
Note: Don't spray the good bugs! Check the IPM slide show to find out which is bad, which is good.

Generic Mildew, Mold & Fungi Spray
½ cup baking soda (as much as water will absorb but still will go through your sprayer nozzle without clogging. The goal is to achieve a fine covering of baking soda on plant leaves)
Small squeeze of dish soap - this will help baking soda stick and act as insecticidal soap.
1 gallon water
Generic Mosquito Spray
½ cup Lemon Joy
½ cup Lemon Ammonia (non-sudsing kind)
Apply over area with hose end applicator
Caution: Using soap in sprays makes plants less tolerant of hot sun. If you experience plant burn, wash with water. Prevent by late day or early morning spraying


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